Wake your prana with this invigorating class. Stress free start to help yourself regulate your upcoming days.


Breathe is the perfect Vinyassa flow that focuses on the impact of breathe and calmness. Knowing how the body responds to certain movements and breath, both are mindfully paired for the best results. Breathe is perfect for those looking for a fun flow and those working through anxiety and stress.

BREATHE (Tweens 11-13 years old and Teens 14-17 years old)

Tweens and Teens experience different challenges and yoga can help navigate through this time. While building strength, lengthening muscles, increasing balance and learning to listen to the breath, students will also develop techniques to handle anxiety and stress. Focus, concentration and gratitude teaches tweens and teens to make choices that are respectful of self and others.

RELEASE (Trauma Focused YIN)

Trauma focused yoga is an amazing type of yoga that allows people to release their stress and anxiety from trauma to move and meditate freely. The focus of HEAL is to regulate the nervous system while creating a space of mindfulness and safety. 

Join us before the weekend. Allow your body to move and breathe with focus on your bodily alignment and breath.

Awaken your senses and begins the day with an invigorating and energizing class. A flowing series of dynamic postures designed to physically and mentally awaken your body and mind. Greet your morning peace and start your day refreshed and ready. 


A gentler approach to Vinyassa. Foundation building, proper alignment, and slower sequencing are utilized with your awareness of breath.

Looking for a gentle, relaxing practice to help open your mind and body? Restorative yoga is for you. This class includes passive poses with meditation to help relieve stress and anxiety and those working through injuries or illnesses. Relax, restore and decompress with us.

With a focus on linking breath with movement in a vigorous and mindful way, you will develop strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Combining breath and strength you will experience a wonderful cardio workout.







Join us for a therapy group looking to work through anxiety and/or depression. Come to gain and give support through this time in your life. Therapy groups run in 12 week cycles. Please contact Kris at 908-363-5535 x 101 for an intake prior to enrollment. 

MEET US FOR LUNCHTIME!  This class is perfect for people who want to sneak in a little om, stretch, flow, twist, and balance then get back to work or the office. This 45-minute class will start and end promptly so you can get back to home or work feeling energized, de-stressed, and ready to tackle any afternoon challenges!


Combining a Hatha Flow class with a meditation will provide a sense of great balance. Our teachers will work to help warm up the body then calming and cooling the mind with a ending meditation.

Experience the ultimate yoga experience joining gentle music to soothe the soul and nervous system as you slowly hold various yoga shapes and postures. In class long, deep pose holds (3-5 minutes), lengthening the body's facia to increase flexibility in the joints. Allow your mind, body and soul to release tension to gain peace within.

HEAL (Trauma Focused Vinyasa Flow)

MINDFUL (Meditation)

Meditation is a practice that is used to help calm the mind and focus your attention on the present moment. This practice helps with stress and anxiety, allowing the body to peacefully reflect and regulate.